Breaking myths on solar eclipse: Muslims offer Namaz; people have breakfast during Surya Grahan

Even the'imams' who headed the prayers lent that the expression of the Prophet Muhammad that lunar and solar eclipses are one of numerous indications of Allah, he also makes use of to frighten His servants that they are able to go back to Him in repentance.

But, in accordance with Hindu beliefs and texts, even throughout the event, heavenly bodies, specially sunlight and the skies, exude strange unfavorable energies to stop and decrease those unwanted energies that the doorways of this temple house the most important deity are shut. 
About the flip side, Muslims made available particular'namaz' referred to as'Salat-ul-Kusoof' in the event of their solar panel.  As most people given the emptiness independently at houses, prayers were offered in congregations at handful of mosques.

As stated by a few of those well-known beliefs, the foods eaten throughout eclipses is noxious and could cause many medical difficulties.  However, a set of men and women Intown corridor had breakfast on Thursday through the ordeal, even though at Hyderabad,'' Muslims made available specific prayers in mosques.

Activist N Murthy, a protester in city Hall, mentioned,"Superstitions enjoy do not move out, but do not drink or eat throughout the aisles are mistaken.  Boffins just say do not see it together with the naked eye"
A number of Roman temples for example the renowned Tirumala temple at Andhra Pradesh has been shut approximately 1 1 pm Wednesday about the eve of this solar panel, until 1-2 pm Thursday.  The temple has been re opened just following the finish of this solar panel.

A number of individuals provided Truth at Masjid-e-Mohammedia and also Masjid Islamic Centre at Hyderabad.
Eclipsesin India, aren't thought to be only heavenly occasions, however all these will be also associated with several urban myths and superstitions which have now been forthcoming to centuries and ages.  To crack this lineage, a set of folks flocked at Bengaluru's town-hall in opposition to superstitious beliefs which have been followed closely throughout solar eclipses.

A set in Town corridor had breakfast on Thursday throughout the ordeal, even though at Hyderabad, Muslims made available specific prayers in mosques.

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