Women Let Rapes Happen, Don't Blame Men: Tamil Director Bhagyaraj

"If men must be blamed, then women are also just too wrong," he included.
He added that all situations have changed today.  "However, these males told that females have two three phones and many SIM cards nowadays," he explained. 
Actor-director Bhagyaraj produced a number of misogynistic remarks blaming females for'being careless' and'letting males use' them.  He bashed girls and also justified rape behavior of both all men.  Bhagyaraj, picture maker"Just due to the fact women allow it to happen do such crimes (rape) come about.  That isn't any point only blaming only men"
In addition, he bragged about how men can handle managing numerous women they've a affair with, justifying adultery.
He moved onto say which episodes like the Pollachi rape attack took place because'ladies allow it to occur.'  He included that men should not be blamed for that as women have been feeble thus men just took good advantage of that.

Other noted film personalities including Kasthuri Raja, S Ve Shekher, songs director Dheena on an identical point, remained silent as Bhagyaraj's statements have been met with applause from the audience.
This really is what popular director/ scriptwriter / celebrity Bhagyaraj explained while covering press at the music release of the film Karuthukalai Pathivu Sei.

'Women Really Should Stay Over the Limit'

Bhagyaraj, picture manufacturer"If a person does a mistake, it won't be quite a significant thing.  However, when women do the very same, it is an enormous issue.  Simply because if your man has an additional spouse, he will ensure that female is happy, will give her property and money and also his first wife will likewise not be impacted.  But..as for women, consider what your newspapers even say... females will destroy husbands and kids to get an affair."
He even quoted a traditional male-chauvinistic quote,"Usi idam kudutha thaan nool nuzhaya mudiyum," which translates into"just due to the fact women let them wrong , do they get wronged."

'Females Let It (Rape) Come about'

He included it is always to steer clear of such predicaments that, females have consistently been advised to'have a hands over themselves'
He left a series of misogynistic comments justifying instances of rapes by blaming women for'getting careless' and'letting adult males utilize' them.
Talking about the way the young creation is hooked to cellphones, he claimed he would often wonder men would continue altering their SIM cards so that they are able to steer clear of your ex they satisfied the former nighttime.

Pollachi Sexual Assault: CBI Starts Probe, FIR Submitted Towards 8 Males
Bhagyaraj, picture manufacturer"Women today are always on phone, which is why they happen to be exploited.  There were occasions when limits had been imposed on women.  Such crimes happened during those instances".

The Pollachi rape attack case started a can of worms since analyses unearthed that four men had been sexually exploiting and blackmailing about 20 ladies, on the last few years.  The accused had supposedly shot hundreds of thousands of videos of the women they detained and tortured them mentally.

Annually Later, Here #MeToo Has Affected These Women
Bhagyaraj also spoke about just how limits are critical for females to ensure they'keep in the limit'

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